PGPS1 GPS Receiver Module

(Size: 1.2 x 1.6 inches)

PGPS1 GPS Receiver Module from PORTRONIX makes it easy to incorporate Vehicle Tracking and Vehicle Location functions within your 2-way radio. This inexpensive module works in conjunction with modem circuitry that is already built into popular radio models. Programmable settings within the radio allow for position updates that are manually-polled, automatically-timed, or driver-initiated. Unlike other solutions that require an external box and an interface cable to connect to the radio, the PGPS1 is small enough to fit completely inside the mobile radio housing. A simple 3-wire connection to factory marked points within the radio is required. The radio is then programmed per customer requirements.

Why pay for a separate GPS tracking device when you can have all the functionality of a 2-way radio and accurate GPS location within the same unit?  The PGPS1 is perfect for School Buses, Ambulances, Emergency Response, Public Safety, Utility Companies, and any Commercial Business that wishes to manage its fleet safely and efficiently.

Even if your personnel are already equipped with 2-way communications equipment, studies have shown that it is possible to eliminate up to 90% of your normal voice communications. No more questions such as "Where are you?", or "How far away are you from the office?", or "When will you arrive at your next stop?", or "Can you stop at the warehouse to pick up supplies for tomorrow's job?"

When used with mapping software (such as Manning NavComp's RASTRAC), the PGPS1 module and an appropriate 2-way radio (such as Kenwood's FleetSync-enabled mobiles) will provide  21st Century efficiency to your organization.

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The PGPS1 module from PORTRONIX is supplied with all necessary cables, installation  instructions, and a magnet-mount active GPS antenna. The  module incorporates an advanced-design GPS receive engine that features low power consumption, fast satellite acquisition, non-volatile memory for program parameters, and power for the amplified  antenna. 

One Year Warranty.

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PGPS1 (shown installed in Kenwood TK-880 mobile radio)